Published: 05th October 2006
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OEM or original equipment manufacturer ink cartridge is the one which has the brand name of the manufacturer on it. The brand name generally is the same as the printer manufacturer as Epson, Canon, Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Brother Etc.


As the name suggests these are not original ink cartridges but are unbranded cartridges compatible to the printer needs. These compatible inkjet cartridges meet or exceed OEM specifications.100% brand new, they yield excellent output and allow for big savings over branded printer ink, inkjet cartridge, laser toner and toner cartridge.

There are a large number of manufacturers of this product whose quality varies according to the ink used but generally they are reliable and work as well as the branded cartridges.


Remanufactured ink cartridges are refurbished used oem or compatible printer ink cartridges. Manufacturer's break down used inkjet cartridge, clean it and put it back together to be refilled. This is then reintroduced for sale in the market as recycled printer ink cartridge.

Therefore basically it is a cartridge, which has been refilled with ink. This can be done with ink refills yourself or by the manufacturer. Primarily remanufactured ink cartridges are available only for Hewlett Packard, Lexmark and some Canon printers. But people choose to refill their own ink as refill stations are readily available.

Our aim, while using a printer is to get the best quality results at the minimum costs possible. Printing costs can be cut down on consumables as ink and paper. Branded cartridges come at a superb price. The prices of compatible or refilled cartridges lead to real cost savings in your printing costs. While manufacturers encourage the use of their own brand consumables, compatible cartridges are available for most printers that are carefully engineered and designed.


As for the ink refill kits, they reduce the cost a plenty. To get quality results, choose between which inks to refill. There are two different types of inks that are used in inkjet printers: Dye based and Pigmented.

Dye based inks have high brilliance and wide color range but are not quick drying. Also they are not light fast or water fast.

The pigmented inks on the other hand are fast drying, fade resistant and water proof. While taking out monochrome prints, dye based ink is better suited. For color printing, pigmented inks are used as due to different inks being mixed, quick drying is preferred to avoid blurring.

To conclude, it is important to research a little about your requirements and check the options available. Whatever is the technology applied to your printer hardware, finally it is ink on paper.

Author Ann Woods is a technical editor for Ask 4 Ink Cartridges. Ask4Ink.com retails quality inkjet printer cartridges, recycled cartridges, bulk ink and refill kits for Hewlett Packard HP, Epson, Lexmark, Canon and many others

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